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Latex Hypo-Allergenic Crib Mattress

Latex Hypo-Allergenic Crib Mattress
Say No More To Allergies!
Our Latex Mattress from Natural Mat is our most hypo-allergenic organic baby mattress! Completely organic latex is tapped straight from the rubber tree to form a springy core. This natural foam is very durable and resilient, providing excellent support for baby. Organic coir (husk of a coconut) from the world's only organic coconut plantation wraps the latex for added support and hypo-allergenic properties. The coir is wrapped in our unique lambs wool which is bathed in a mixture made from extracts of lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus making it completely dust mite free! The lambs wool provides excellent thermal insulation and is wrapped in two organic cotton covers so the outer one can be removed and washed.
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Latex Hypo-Allergenic Crib Mattress
Item No. BB014551
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> Product Features
Latex Hypo-Allergenic Crib Mattress
52"L x 28"W x 5"H
Foam Mattress: Latex foam with Organic Coir padding
Anti-microbial - treated to prevent bacteria growth
Meets Fire Safety Requirements
Outer cotton cover can be removed and washed
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