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Minky Slat Bumper

Minky Slat Bumper
To Bumper or Not?!
Our Slat Bumper is the perfect solution to the nagging question of whether to bumper your little one's crib or not. This 20 pack of Slat Bumpers provides comfortable padding, while allowing airflow ventilation in and out of the crib. This creates an oxygen rich environment for your precious bundle, which research has shown decreases the risk of SIDS. Each Slat Bumper has 3 ties, attaching it securely to the crib and preventing it from slipping or sliding. Its luxurious feel and look adds a designer touch to all nurseries!
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Minky Slat Bumper
Item No. BB022014
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Minky Slat Bumper
Includes: 20 - 10" x 5.25" Bumpers with 9" Ties
Fabric Content: 100% Minky Polyester
Ties: 100% Satin Polyester
Machine Washable
"Perfect Fit" on almost all crib styles and brands
Open-air spaces provide for maximum airflow into crib
Made In USA
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